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Monday, March 9, 2009

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Well I guess you guys were expecting more of Kimi Mirai, so here you go, ep.5 for all of you to enjoy!!

-Direct Download

However, as all of you know... until I finish aikurushii (only one episode left for translation) I can't continue with kimi mirai ep.6 T_T, but please wait patiently, I'll bring it out for sure ^^;
By the way, thanks to all those who have offered help, I truly, truly appreciate it!, but I have kuroyuki who is providing the timings, and I'm doing the timings checking. So thanks to all of you~~ Your wonderful comments make me to continue working on this hehehe.


Thank You SO MUCH for episode 5! =D
I really like this drama, thanks a million times for subbing it ^^

Would like to be able to watch this.. but just discovered this show. Can't view Episode #1 because no one is seeding it (stuck at 16.5% currently for a while). Would it be possible for someone to either start seeding Episode #1 again, or perhaps a better choice would be for someone who has Episode #1 already to upload it to MegaUpload? I guess Ep #1 came out a while ago, but I don't want to see the rest of the show without watching Ep #1, and can't seem to get it right now (2-5 were no problem either with torrent or direct download). Thanks!

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