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Monday, December 28, 2009

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Hello Everyone~~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everybody has had an amazing holidays and getting a lot of presents!
Because I know you guys are waiting for some updates, then first about Hakusen Nagashi special 1, I'm pretty sure it'll come for this January! (That's gonna be my New Year's present ^^) and about Kimi Mirai no tameni episode 7, I'll work on it as soon as I finish the HN sp.1.
I do apologize for taking so long with the projects but school and work must come first T_T.
On the other hand, if you guys have any suggestions about what project I should work on next, please let me know!! Maybe I'll pick one of the suggested ones.
Good luck~ and Happy New Year!


Happy new year!! ^^
And thank four uor future New Year's present!! XD

And as you were talking about new projects suggestions... This is my suggestion: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Miseinen
(I can proporcionate raws, hard-japanese subbed episodes and their exact timings.)

For next project, can u sub another Tsuyo drama, "Ao no Jidai".

It is on my top list drama to watch but I can't find any eng sub of the drama or the dvd at my local store. So, really hope that u can sub this drama since I've read my comments that said it is a great drama.

Here is the link to download the raw in case if u don't have it: http://community.livejournal.com/asian_doramas/372676.html

Thanx in advance...

Belated happy new year! )
I just wanted to thank you for your work on Kimi Mirai. I'm looking forward for the next episode.

+1 for Ao no Jidai drama, I love it. I'd also like to suggest Sushi Oji movie (as I know nobody's willing to sub it unfortunately).

Thanks )

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