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Monday, February 15, 2010

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Hello Everyone!.... Kimi Mirai no tame ni Episode 7 is out! yay~
I'm sure you guys are waiting for Hakusen Nagashi and Miseinen as promised, and don't worry, they're coming sometime soon. (I hope you guys don't get tired of waiting T_T )
In the mean time please enjoy Kimi mirai!

Kimi to ita mirai no tameni Episode 7:
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Please leave your comments as usual! I really appreciate your thoughts!
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Enjoy it!



Thank you for the 7th suanny ^^

you have worked hard. thank you~ ;)

Awesome, thank you very much! Could you please upload it for direct download? Thank you once more, I love this drama.

Thank you very much! I have wanted to see this drama for long time.

Thank You for episode 7!!!
I'm really enjoying this series, thank you so much for your hard work with it!

why theres no 8-9-10 subs anywhere? its old drama

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