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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Hello... Long time ne?~~
Well, I got some news for everyone, finally I got what many of you were waiting for... "Miseinen Ep1", However, unless I get an editor for it, I won't be able to continue T_T, anyone interested, please mail me ame.x.uta@gmail.com
Kimi mirai ep.8 will be release.... pretty soon!~ yay, (I'm just filling a couple spots ^^)
and Hakusen Nagashi, I'm guessing for this month, the QCer's been pretty busy T_T, You can do it, zooey!
Ok, hope to hear some comments about the new drama, and enjoy it!
Miseinen Episode 1: Download Torrent


Thank you for sharing! I've been curious to watch this drama.

Good luck with finding an editor. I wish I was good with that kinda stuff.

THANK YOU!! This looks interesting XD I can't wait for your updatte to Kimi to Ita Mirai no Tameni as well.

I'm dying to see more of Kimi to Ita Mirai no Tameni. Thanks a load for subbing it!

Thanks a lot! Miseinen is an awesome drama.

Hi, I was wondering if older drama such as Dareka ga Dareka ni Koishiteru (1996)with Nakai, Domoto Tsuyoshi, Higashiyama and young Takki would interest you for subbing.
Here a link for the raw file(its in 2 part:

Hi! I watched the episode and I wondered, why did you cut 5 minutes of it? Where are all the brothel scenes?
Will you continue fansubbing it? I'd like to help you but I don't know exactly what tasks an editor has to do.


Hello GreGG
It isn't that I cut 5 min, but that's the censored version of the drama.
About what an editor has to do, it's to edit the translations, including grammar/spelling checking, and make sure sentences make sense.
Thanks for your comment.

Aww shucks, I wish we got to work on the uncensored version of Miseinen instead. Yo, suany! About the Hakusen Nagashi SP... I still have to iron out a few scenes and work on the closing credits. Sorry for taking so long but it's getting harder to find time for fansubbing since my life has not been as carefree as it used to be. Will try to get it back to you soon. :X

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