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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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YES! Finally! The first episode of my new project! "Ao no Jidai Ep.1" Yay!!
Thank you sooooo much for those who helped me with it. :)
Thanks for your wonderful comments!
And thanks soooo much for being patient with me :)
As some has seen already, after Hakusen Nagashi, I'll probably be taking over "Top Caster". Hopefully everything turns out fine, And! I can get some people to work on it. (Just mail me if interested)
Let's hope for the best with Ao no jidai, and don't forget to comment and Subscribe! (You'll be the first one to know my updates!)



Tahnks for your hardwork <333

thank you so much for subbing this drama^^

i just finished watching this. i have to thank you so much for this. This drama fell totally under my radar and from the looks of it...it will be one of the best dramas i see this year.

thanks again.

thank you. i watched this like 10 years ago and didn't finish cause i used to live at boarding school. this is my first ever japanese dorama and my first encounter with tsuyoshi.


Awesome! Thanks so much for doing this, it's very much appreciated!

Thank You so much for subbing this drama!! I've been wanting to see it for ages, you have truly saved me! ^^


I just wanted to thank you for subbing Ao no Jidai and Miseinen. These dramas have been on my to-watch list for ages. The world needs more people like you to sub classic dramas, because today's dramas are just not like what they used to be.
A tip of my hat to you and your team.

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