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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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But... Of course that wasn't my whole surprise! I also got Ao no jidai ep.3 :)
You can download it HERE!!

And I guess you guys also want some updates...
1.Well, Miseinen 3 will be coming soon :).
2.Hakusen Nagashi SP4, in translation process.
3. Chu chu my daddy... I managed to work on the timings, but I really need a spot translator. So please someone who knows traditional Chinese is welcome!
4. Full Count... well I got half of it translated. Once again, if any translators want to help out, just e-mail me! :)

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Enjoy this release!!


Wow! A double release!! =D
This truly made my week, thank you so much!! *in heaven*
Good luck with your other projects as well, I'm looking forward to the Hagusen Nagashi special 4! ^^

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