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Friday, April 29, 2011

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As promised, here is the last Hakusen Nagashi Special :)
This is a day of happiness yay~ Finally I finish another one of my dramas!!! Anyway, I want to thank all those who have download all the specials, those who leave your comments, but especially I want to thank Naiya for doing all the hard work :) , hope to work with you again!!
Download torrent HERE!
I also hope I get some time to upload the specials on MU, but I'm on finals right now >.<''
Another thing I wanted to mention is that I also worked on Masaharu Fukuyama PV of 'Tokyo'. For those who are his fans, and for also those who are interested, there you go:
Download PV HERE!

Thanks everyone!! Hope to bring updates for my other dramas by next month (when school is over -.- )


Wow thank you so much !!!! I was waiting for the last release from Monday and finally it came XD
Thank you and Naiya for the hard work :)

Thank you, I really appreciate you efforts! Very interesting but a bit sad specials... I hope they'll shoot Sp.6 with a happy ending:)

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