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*Ningen Shikkaku 9: Translating 40%
*Papa wa newscaster 8: On hold!
*Rikon Bengoshi 8: On Hold


Monday, May 30, 2011

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Happy Memorial's Day!
Today is my last day of vacation >.> (I start classes tomorrow once again), so I decided to bring a couple of updates before I get busy again!
**Ao no jidai ep5 is right now in edition, and I'm translating ep6 .
**Top Caster ep1 is right now in edition! Yes! A new release for those who are waiting :)
**Miseinen ep4. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to even look at it, so I'll start working on it on July.

Thank you always!!! and have a great summer all of you!


thank you so much for these updates (im guessing you have still yet to upload them :D)

also, i am very suprised to see you start topcaster...i hear it is a difficult drama to sub...i am soo happy that you decided to sub it. thanks again

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