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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Hey guys!!
As I promised, today I brought some updates. I've been receiving comments about when it's gonna be the next release of miseinen and ao no jidai, and so on.
Well, as some of you know I was in my finals and I couldn't catch up updating my blog at all!
However, for those who follow this page :) just wanted to update you that I just finished ao no jidai ep.5 which I'll try my best to release it this month.
I understand that you guys want to see the dramas subbed! But I also have many things in my way, so I give my time to translation when I really get the chance to do it. So please, I really hope you guys can be patient and understand that I also have a life!

On the other hand I'm still in need of Chinese translators!!! That's what I need the most right now, so please even one episode you can help me with, that would be great!! :)

Thanks everyone for your support~


Just stroll unhurriedly~!!! ^^
Finish what you need to do in your real life first.
Everyone has their own lives, I know. So you should know too, that we can wait~!!! ^^ No matter for how long~!!!
Don't worry,'key~? ^^
Will keep supporting you!!! ^o^~

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