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Monday, July 11, 2011

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Hello! Hello!! :)

I'm pretty sure everyone loves 'Ao no Jidai' since is on the top of my poll. For that reason, I'm bringing today 'Ao no Jidai Episode 6' just for all of you!!!
You can Download it HERE!

Those who are waiting updates... Here we are:
Top Caster Episode 1 is on the way!
Miseinen 4, I just started translating it. So I hope to have it out soon.

I'm still looking for Taiwanese Translators... so please guys, who wants to give me hand?
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This is great news. I love Rikon Bengoshi and would like to share the love with friends who don't understand Japanese :)

Thanks a lot for more Ao no Jidai and Top Caster too.
Amami Yuki, yay~

omg thankyou so much please continue providing more english sub for Amami Yuki's drama omg so in love with her ever since Boss1+2 and A Wednesday Love Affair! Thanks for subbing Rikon Bengoshi and Top Caster!

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