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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Finally :) I got another release for all of you. I started school again and that's taking lots of my time. Sorry to say this but don't expect any more releases anytime soon. My editor is on hiatus and so me too for the meantime.
Although, I really hope you guys enjoy this new release!!!

Ao No Jidai 7 torrent:
Download HERE!


I'm sorry for asking this.
have you stopped subbing Miseinen, or is it just a temporary break?


I haven't stopped subbing Miseinen. I even uploaded ep.4 a month ago. Although I give priority to the ones that people ask often for.
I can't say when I'll have ep.5 out. However I'm planning to continue translating it.
Hope that answers your question.

Yes it is.
Then I'll wait patiently for the next release of Miseinen.
Thanks for your hard work.

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