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*Ningen Shikkaku 9: Translating 62%
*Papa wa newscaster 8: On hold!
*Rikon Bengoshi 8: On Hold


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Fansubbing Plan!

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Hey guys!

Since it's summer I've been pretty much free from homework on other stuff, so I'm trying to dedicate my time to translation. (So I can take my second test for Japanese proficiency :)
So I apologize I wasn't as active before but I was busy with many things >.>
However! For this summer I'm translating as much as my knowledge lets me do it! So here is what I'm working on right now, and the releases you will be expecting (finger crossed!)

1. Ao no jidai:
    Episode 9: Already translated, going for edition!
(Planning to finish the series this summer)

2. Top Caster:
    Episode 4: Encoding
    Episode 5: Typesettings
    Episode 6: Translation

3. Papa wa newscaster:
    Episode 1: Karaoke
    Episode 2: Translation

4. Rikon Bengoshi:
    Episode 1: Timings

5. Miseinen:
    Episode 5: Waiting for Raw

I've also gotten quite a few requests for softsubs. However, that would mean a lot of commitment and time, which unfortunately I don't have. I truly apologize but I'm trying my best to give the best quality of subs (Even that I'm not a native Japanese speaker) + my team is working hard on the best quality video for all of you to enjoy.
Hope you enjoy summer releases! And feel free to comment :)


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