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UPDATES: 12/25/2018

*Ningen Shikkaku 9: Translating 62%
*Papa wa newscaster 8: On hold!
*Rikon Bengoshi 8: On Hold


Friday, June 1, 2012


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Hi guys!
I just happen to have some updates I want to share with you all.
I already finished ao no jidai 8 and top caster 4 & 5 :) Hoping this makes some of you happy!
(Will provide links soon!!)
I'm thinking about starting my other two shows (Papa wa newscaster & Rikon Bengoshi) Although I'm still hoping to finish ao no jidai asap before doing that.
There are some spots still open for those who want to help me out with Papa wa newscaster. Although it's an old drama it seems promising and I'm excited to bring it to all of you!!
About miseinen, I was wondering if anyone happens to have the Japanese subs of the series. I've been working with someone who had them, but they can't be provided anymore, (I apologize for any inconvenience :(  )
I really hope not to drop that project since I know there are quite a few fans of it!!, So please anyone?

On the other hand I still have the other two Chinese dramas halfway through. Anyone who knows Chinese, or studies Chinese can help. They are really nice dramas, unfortunately I don't know Chinese at all :(
So again anyone?

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! and expect some more updates soon!!


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