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Monday, July 9, 2012


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Yes!! Finally, "Ao no Jidai - final episode" For all of you :)

Thanks a lot for your support throughout this drama. It took 2 years, but here is! For all of you to enjoy it :)
Thanks to those who watched it till the end. It was a wonderful series!!
I'm hoping to release more kinki kids dramas (in the future!!!) for those who are wondering. I really like kinki kids, and love their acting as well!! Don't you guys think so?
Anyway, as I stated in yesterday's post, I'm planning to release complete batch files in torrent for most of my dramas. I'm currently trying to download all the "Aikurushii" series (if anyone can seed it for me, that'll be great)
Also I started translating my new drama "Rikon Bengoshi". There's a lot people asking for it, so I'm in hopes to bring it some time soon... at least before I get back to school.

Once again THANKS for your support with "Ao no Jidai"

To download episode 11, click HERE!
To download the complete batch, click HERE!


Thank you for your hard work!! Ao no Jidai is great!! How about "Ningen Shikkaku"? Maybe would you like to translate this drama? I wanted to watch this series but there are 4 episodes in English only... Sorry for my English ^^''

Hontou ni Arigatou <333
I really support you to sub more KinKi Kids drama ^^
once again THANKS!

You did it! THANK YOU!

Thank you.
The translations are excellent!

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