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Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Caster 1!!

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As many of you know, when I released Top caster 1 I received quite a few complains about the quality/size of the video. I also promised I would release Episode 1 once again with a better quality.
So here it is. This video has the same quality as the other episodes that have been released so far.
Please enjoy it :)
To download torrent, click HERE!


Thank you so much for Top Caster! I already downloaded the HD one and replaced the old one. Thanks, Ame no Uta! Keep up the good work! ;)

You rock, I love this translation, the video quality is superb and subs are very good. Are you going to continue translating Top Caster till the end or is it only to 5? Thank you!


Of course I'll continue translating Top Caster :)
I'm on vacation for a couple of days but I'll resume my work when I get back. Greetings!

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