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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rikon Bengoshi 1 is out :)

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Hey guys! Here's my most recent drama "Rikon Bengoshi" Starting with Amami Yuki. I hope you like it!!
You can download torrent HERE!

As for other releases, I'm hoping to have Top Caster 6 and Love is full count 9 releases on the month of November. The rest of the dramas will be on hold until December (that is until I finish studying for my finals >.< )
Please let me know your comments/opinions about Rikon Bengoshi!! :)


Thanks a lot!!! :D

Niiiiice! I always thought I wanted to watch this, so I'm looking forward to the next episode. Thank you very much for subbing this one, Amami Yuki is as awesome as always. :)

THANKS!!! Your awesomeness is comparable to Amami Yuki! Cheers...

i'm waiting for Topcaster >.<
hope the remaining episodes will be released soon.. keep up the good work! ^.^

I lovvvvvvvve amami yuki thanks for subbing rikon bengoshi and top castor

Excellent work. Thank you so much.

I've never been keen on hardsubs before and always wished for softsubs for this drama. I was even apprehensive when I saw the subs had pink borders because I usually like plain. But within minutes I absolutely LOVED what you've done. Rikon Bengoshi has a dominant brown colour scheme overall and the white with pink border subs go beautifully with it. They're perfect. I really love what you did with the end credits too... so stylish.

Having watched the first ep of Top Caster as well I am equally impressed with the font style chosen for how it suits that one. You obviously put a lot of creative thought into suitable presentation for each drama.

Your subs are simple, non-intrusive, very neat, with just the right touch of added sparkle. It's genuinely changed my mind about hardsubs now.

Best regards,
Ruby Chan (UK)


@Anonymous: Thanks so much for you comment. I felt a bit down with people not wanting the hardsubs. But your comment makes me feel is worth the effort we put in our releases :)
Thanks again!

Thank you so much!

i'm so glad I found your blog...

Thank you so much! Finally I can watch this!

Love you all!

Thank you for the hardwork ! This drama is really good. I'm really happy your group pick it up !

Thank you so much !! /^3^/

I've always wanted to watch this, but I'm afraid my Japanese can't handle dramas with law and police/crime in them. So thank you so, so much for this!

I'm supporting you! Looking forward to your releases!

Hello!! I just recently watched Yuki Amami's works & I've grown to really love her! Unfortunately, Rikon Bengoshi is the only drama with her I haven't watched. I haven't been able to find it online either, let alone with subs. I finally came across your blog, but the torrent link is broken;; Would it be possible for you to reupload it? Thank you very much for your time & hard work in subbing the series!

@cikidoa1: Thanks for your message!
Well, the link in this particular post is broken, but if you go to the rikon bengoshi link (http://ame-no-uta.blogspot.com/p/rikon-bengoshi.html) you will find a batch of eps 1-5
Enjoy it!

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