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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Miseinen Episode 5 is out!

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I know a lot of people were requesting more releases for Miseinen. I apologize it took me one year to release episode 5 but I had some big issues with the drama, which I hope they'll be resolved by the next episode.
I was thinking to release Top Caster 6 first, since it was in my priority list, but my encoder disappeared.
If there's someone who would like to become an encoder (with experience in encoding HD) will be more than welcome to resume the rest of the releases.

On the other hand, for Taiwanese dramas, "Love is full count Episode 9" has been translated, thanks to Lukia! I'm looking for timers, editors and translators, to help me continue with the Taiwanese dramas. Any help is greatly appreciated!


WOW, still thanks a lot for releasing this episode. Though it's been one year, I'll keep waiting for the release for the next episode...

WOW, thanks for releasing this episode. I'll keep waiting for the next episode. Really appreciate it.

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