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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hakusen Nagashi - BATCH - torrent :)

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As requested by many of you, and thanks to Naiya, I was able to create a batch torrent for Hakusen Nagashi Specials :D
Please watch out for more releases!!! As mentioned on my FB page, I already finished translating Top Caster 8!!! so just 3 more episodes to go! ^___^
To download torrent, click HERE!



First off, thank you so much for uploading the specials for this wonderful series. I watched the original series just 2 weeks ago and I was hooked. To my delight, I found out there were a continuation of this series through the ways of "specials" and I had to download them. Since I was a rarity that I couldn't find them anywhere for purchase, I've decided to download them by torrent.

Now, I've been downloading for a week now (THANK YOU SO MUCH for that 1 seeder for being online!)and I'm stuck at 89.9%. I guess the seeder had to take a break. LOL. Anyways I was wondering if anybody can help me out by seeding this series again? If you do, I'd be internally grateful plus I will continue and help seed if you wish me to do so.

Thank you so much again for uploading this series!^^

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