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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Double Release!

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Here's a double release for all of you AmeNoUta followers :)
Thanks to all those who have voted in my poll and for those who haven't please do so. I'm hoping to pick up a new project once I finish with Miseinen, so if there's a drama you really want to finally see translate it, this is your chance!
Also more releases will be coming soon, so please stay tuned! or subscribe to always get the latest updates!!

To download papa wa newscaster 5, click HERE!

"Monopoly! Shocking Confession"
What will happen once the Megumi's are finally able to get to school?! Don't miss this episode where finally the BIG confession will take place!

To download bokura no yuuki 7, click HERE!

"Special Administration"
Yamato has finally become a leader and Shibasaki has finally promised his support... however, can Yamato truly trust Shibasaki's words?
Find out in this episode what will happen inside Makuhara with the new leadership!


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