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Friday, May 2, 2014

Next Drama!

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Thanks so much for all those who voted! I appreciate your support to AmeNoUta and my fansubbing work!!
So the results go as follows:

1. Ningen Shikkaku: 41 votes

2. Beginner (2003): 29 votes

3. Kizudarake no Love Song: 23 votes

4. Rookie!: 18 votes

5. Haru Ranman: 14 votes

6. Yamato Nadeshiko: 12 votes

As of now I'm only going to have the first place as my next drama: Ningen Shikkaku!
The translation won't start until I finish Miseinen, but please subscribe and stay tuned for updates!

NOTE: if you have any material such as translations, raws, timings or if you are interested in helping out with this project, please send me an e-mail to ame.x.uta@gmail.com


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