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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bokura no Yuuki - Batch!!

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So for those who have been waiting for releases... Here's Bokura No Yuuki - Complete Batch for all of you to enjoy! (Click HERE to download) Yay! One more project finished :D
Thanks for your support and please help seed as much as possible!

So as for our next releases, I will be having Ningen Shikkaku 5-6 (that are currently in edition), Miseinen 8-9 and I just downloaded Rikon Bengoshi 5 to start translating it :D
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hello, im downloading bokura no yuuki in D-Addict..
can i mirror it to another hostlink (?)
if you dont mind, where should i put the link?
thank you so much

hi, i want to asking if i can mirror Bokur ano Yuuki to another hostlink, like Mega or 4shared?
thank you so much for your hardwork.


@tomapiya pOe: Yeah sure that's fine, just send me the links to ame.x.uta@gmail.com and I'll post them on the website :)

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