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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ningen Shikkaku 5!!! :D

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So For all those who've been waiting patiently, here's Ningen Shikkaku batch 1-5 :D Please download it HERE!
Please expect episode 6 in a week or two!! Don't forget to subscribe to get immediate updates!

Currently I'm working on Rikon Bengoshi and Miseinen 8-9 should be coming out soon as well! Also as soon as I finish with Rikon Bengoshi I'll resume papa wa newscaster. Sorry for the wait!


yay! thank you again for picking this up!

yay! thank you!

Thank you!

You don't know how much I want to see this drama with subs *_*

Thank you so much~~!

Thank you so much ;D I want to ask if it's possible to add ddl mirrors like zippyshare for example. My friends and I cannot download torrent ;-(

thanks SO much! ♥



@Anonymous: About your request for zippyshare, I will try but I'm extremely busy lately and it will be difficult for me. If there's someone who's willing to do it and I can post the links here.

Thank you sooo much! You guys are awesome lovelies! <33
Been waiting forever to see this series got continued T^T Please keep up the love flowing for kinki :D

Thanks a billion for subbing this classic!
Even though it's quite hard to watch sometimes, KinKi's work deserves it.
Thanks again :*

the feels! this dorama is epic!! You're awesome!!thank you very much for subbing this.

Wow, Thank you so much for this.
Thank youuuuuuu~
both of Tsuyoshi and Koichi acted so well as Makoto and Ruka respectively, it gives me the shivers.
Makoto is such a pure and lovely boy that I don't find it weird for another boy like Ruka to crazy in love with him.

Thank you for subbing! I second the comment about uploading to a file sharing site because I'm also unable to download via torrent on my computer. Would anyone mind doing that? It is greatly appreciated. I've been looking everywhere to watch this series!!

I can upload ep 5 (and 1-4 too) to MediaFire or to MEGA, if you want ^^


@momo100: Thanks! A lot of people would appreciate it if you get to do that :D

I uploaded episodes 1-5 to MEGA. I posted it here: http://momo100.livejournal.com/3084.html because it's easier for me.
If you're not OK with that please say so and I will give you the direct links and I will delete the post!!
Have a nice day ;)


@momo100: Thanks :) I'll post the link on my website.

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