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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


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Hi guys!

So I'm sorry I haven't posted any updates. I'm currently taking a summer course and that's taking most of my time. I'm definitely planning to resume my translations on August!

For now, I've noticed that many of you are asking for seeders for some of my torrents. I will be seeding most of my torrents starting tomorrow for about a week!. So if there's any torrent in particular that you would like me to seed, just leave a comment and will do! This is also your chance to try out any other one of my completed dramas.

Please stick around and subscribe, I will definitely continue translating bringing more releases soon!


Hello! I'm currently trying to download Top Caster, so if you can seed that one, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you in advance! :)


@Anonymous: I will be seeding the batch torrent for Top Caster. It seems it has other seeders, so I hope you get it all soon!

@Rinshi!,I just finished downloading Top Caster, thank you so much for seeding! Appreciate your help!

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