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Monday, September 15, 2014

As promised...

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Hey guys!

So yeah, as I promised in my last post, today is the 15, so today is the day to count the votes and announce the results... Yay!
So the votes go as follows:

Ningen Shikkaku = 11 votes
Rikon Bengoshi = 6 votes
Miseinen = 4 votes
Papa wa newscaster = 1 vote

So as you can see, my next drama to translate is Ningen Shikkaku episode 7!!

Of course I have not forgotten any of my other dramas. Rikon Bengoshi 5 is on its way and I just finished translating Papa wa newscaster 6, so please expect that one soon as well. As for miseinen, I'll work on a double release after I finish Ningen Shikkaku 7, so hopefully that'll make everyone happy :)

Thank you so much to all those who actually took the time to vote. It was a fun time counting the votes and see how much you care about my work :)
Hope you enjoying the upcoming releases and don't forget to subscribe and be the first one to know any updates!!


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