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Thursday, November 20, 2014

AmeNoUta and D-addicts shutdown news!

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Hi guys,

As most of you know by now, d-addicts is closing their torrent section for personal reasons. 
Honestly I wish I could say that is not going to affect AmeNoUta releases, but the reality is that most of my traffic (and seeders!!) come from my post in d-addicts :(

On the other hand, I love you guys as much as a love translations, so this is the time when I sincerely ask for your support. If you can please consider to follow my blog and to spread the word about my releases in other forums/websites that would be great! since as long as I have donwloaders and seeders I will definitely continue translating!

From now on I will be using Nyaa (so please support them as well), and I will definitely be posting the torrents here in my website.

Thanks to Cooper for giving me the news! and hopefully with everyone's support, AmeNoUta will continue growing :)




:( I did not know that .... i´m going to miss dd adicts torrent section

Sad news, indeed. Things will never be the same. I was actually hoping to download Ten no Hakobune the day that D-addicts lost its torrent section. Now, I can't find a place to get the raws. :(

I don't know how many uploaders will be migrating to Nya. I hope people find another home for their asian dramas.


@zooey: maybe someone decides to take over and create a torrenting site for dramas... we can only hope -.-

there are a lot of jdrama i get from d-addict. my favourite jdrama torrent stock going to be shutdown =(


@atiktee: That's true. Everyone is sad about the news. I truly hope we get good news soon about a new torrenting site or something... we can only hope :(

Thanks a lot for the sub all these years and the years to come.

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