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Monday, November 10, 2014

And Here's.... Rikon Bengoshi!

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Hi guys!!

So unfortunately I couldn't find a typesetter -.- so I decided to typeset this episode myself during some free time I got. However, if I don't find a typesetter I won't be able to release anymore episodes of Rikon Bengoshi. Sorry guys but I prefer to use my time for translations.
With that being said, I hope to find another typesetter :) and in the meantime you can enjoy episode 5!!, Please download it here!!


I hope you can find some one soon, old doramas are really good and they are really hard to find

thanks for all the hard work

Hi there,

Actually I replied to your call for the typesetting position on October 19 but I haven't received any news from you. I pretty much assumed that you found someone already.

So please consider this as me being still interested.

On side note, my last email might be simply in your spambox ;-)


Oh yeah ... I forgot to thank you for the current release haha

Thank you for the hardwork!



@Jurianne: Thanks for your message. Tough I actually check my spam folder pretty often and I never saw a message from you. If you can please email me at ame.x.uta@gmail.com :)

Email sent to you ^_^



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