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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Remaining Links!

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Hi guys!
So here are the remaining links for the rest of the dramas! Thanks to all of those who have download them and support AmeNoUta with comments. I truly appreciate it!
As of now I'm hoping to be able to finish Ningen Shikkaku 7 translation by next week... I guess the beginning of the year is always crazy -.- so please bear with me. I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys!


Aikurushii = HERE!

Ao no Jidai = HERE!

Bokura no yuuki = HERE!

Hakusen Nagashi (specials) = HERE!

Kimi to ita mirai no tameni = HERE!

Top Caster = HERE!

Rikon Bengoshi (1-5) = HERE!

Ningen shikkaku (1-6) = HERE!

Papa wa newscaster (1-6) = HERE!

Miseinen (1-9) = HERE!


Seeding the Hakusen Nagashi Specials batch on Nya.

Thank you for Miseinen!

Hello! Thanks for the subs and sharing the batches.

I am trying to download the torrent for Papa wa Newscaster but the link opens up my torrent saying it's Ningen Shikkaku instead.

May you please fix the link for Papa wa Newscaster? Thanks so much!


@oretatsubasa: Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it now so hopefully you can get it this time :)

Thanks for sharing these good dramas, but I've tried to download your torrents from nyaa and sadly I can't connect to any peers. Please suggest me how to. Thanks again.


@Anonymous: I'm not sure why you can't connect to any peers since all my link have seeders currently. Any drama in particular? I can help seed too if needed.

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