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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some updates!

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Hi guys!

So yeah... yeah... I know I haven't upload any new episodes and I already got a few complains about it -.-

However, I do have some updates:

First of all, I finally finished translating Ningen Shikkaku 7, meaning that if everything turns out well (fingers cross) you'll see it coming sometime in February :D

Second, I as previously promised to Miseinen fans, I will be translating episode 10 and 11 together. I'm already half way through 10, so I hope I'll get sometime to work on the other half :)

Third!! Since I'll be done with Miseinen, I might bring a new drama for all of you to enjoy! It's a surprise, so please stay tuned

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Yes!! I've been waiting on Miseinen. Thank you for all your hard work :)))

thanks :D

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