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Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Release!

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Hi guys!

So yeah... after a few months I finally have a new release!! And Yes! No worries because Ningen Shikkaku 7 is on the way as well :)

Thanks to all those who commented on my latest post. After a few comments I have decided to open up a new poll just like last time where people can add whichever drama the want to see up.
As of now, (Since I am currently out the country) I am pretty busy with my job... However! I haven't forgotten about you guys (specially after getting sooo many comments and sooo much support!) So I'll pull up the poll when I get a bit of more free time in my hands :D

Hope you enjoy this newest release, which you can download HERE!

And once again thnx for subscribing, commenting and donating :)
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