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Monday, February 2, 2015

Would you like this to be my next drama? ....

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Hi guys!

So me and my team are of course working hard to bring new releases really soon for all of you to enjoy yay!

However, as I mentioned in my previous post, I've been checking dramas around to bring a new drama after miseinen gets completed. So... I can't promise anything, but since quite a few of you have requested it, I've been checking on the possibility of taking over Wakaba no Koro (from kinki kids). It seems that Makoto fansubs started but they stopped translating.

My question now is, would you like this one to be my next drama?
Depending on how many responses I get, I'll talk to the previous fansub group so I can go from where they left off, so let me know!

Also, for those who were trying to make donations, the donate button is functional now :)
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It is from kinki kids is fine for me :)
And maybe you could sub Harmonia in the future

If it is from kinki kids is fine for me :)
And maybe you could sub Harmonia in the future

I know you only work on old/finished dramas but would you consider subbing an ongoing series?

I'll just throw this out there - https://jdramas.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/date-koi-to-wa-donna-mono-kashira/

Though, feel free to ignore it. Good luck on the next project. :)


@zooey: Thanks for the suggestion. The only problem I have with ongoing dramas is that people start pushing too much for releases and my time is extremely limited -.-" Also those project are usually picked really fast. Though I'll keep it in mind. Thnx Joey :D

Yes, that would be perfect :D
Thank you for considering it~

It's 100% ok for me!! :D

I'm totally OK with it!! : D

Sure, a drama with the KinKi Kids from 1996 sounds great to me!

It's will be great KinKi Kids's Drama !!

Hope you will do that ^^

Thank you <3

for me, it's good for any kind of kinki kids drama~~ ^-^Y

I would like to see http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Aishiatteru_Kai subbed but I'm ok with every drama you like. You should enjoy it to make a drama you like available to non Japanese speakers.

Keep it up!

+100500 for Aishiatteru Kai.
this drama is super fun


I'm probably going to end up making a poll for people to decide when the time comes :)

What about posting a poll over at DA to advertise this site a bit?


@Anonymous: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably do it in a little while when I'm less busy :)

Would be best to advertise it when the new DA site opens.

I'm in for Wakaba no Koro, Harmonia or Ginro Kaiki Files.
And may I suggest Sommelier with Inagaki Goro or any of his old dramas that were never subbed?

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