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*Ningen Shikkaku 9: Translating 40%
*Papa wa newscaster 8: On hold!
*Rikon Bengoshi 8: On Hold


Monday, March 3, 2014

Updates for all my dramas!

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So I have pretty good news for AmeNoUta followers :D

I have been able to translate more often than usual this semester and my plan is mostly to finish Top Caster first and Miseinen next. As some of you noticed I also have a poll up on my blog, so you can vote for the dramas that are already in the poll, or add your own to it!! (I hoping to start a new drama after finishing Miseinen).

 So some updates go as follows:

1. Rikon Bengoshi: Episode 4, finished translation, going for typesettings now.
2. Top Caster: Hoping for a double release pretty soon + a batch of the whole series.
3. Papa wa newscaster: started translating episode 5.
4. Miseinen: Episode 7 is in edition process.
5. Bokura no yuuki: Episode 6 is in edition process.


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