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UPDATES: 11/16/2017

*Ningen Shikkaku 9: RAW downloaded!
*Papa wa newscaster 8: On hold!
*Rikon Bengoshi 7: 90% translated




The universal theme of friendship, in all its vulnerability, tenderness, and purity, is explored in this drama. The flow of seasons forms a thematic continuity to the action: the severity of youth in summer, the sentimentality of autumn, and the frustration of winter. Together, this group of boys cope with common adversity, face the death of a friend, and prepare to deal with the world of adulthood.. --TBS



English subbed version links:




Raw Provider: ap, kuroyuki
Translator: suany
Timer: Kuroyuki, suany
Editor: zooey, summerlamb, keiko1981
Typesetter: suany
QC: suany
Karaoke: Eri-chan
Encoder: suany
Uploader: suany


I tried download 1 ep, but it seems that nobody seeding. =( I just want to download all the series.


@Виктория Пальчик: I've been seeding it since yesterday morning @.@

I've been seeding since yesterday, but I have all the episodes but without english subtitles so I can't watch them :(


@Anonymous: I'm not sure what you mean, but you can always download my torrents which have hardsubs. I won't be releasing softsubs anytime soon for this drama.

There are NO seeds for either torrent.
Can someone please Seed?

Thank you! sorry for the question, but you may get softsubs for translation into another language? thanks!

@Dayanna: I currently don't have the time to get softsubs in other language :/

Thanks for answering. I could follow the first chapter, but stopping the video and it's a bit annoying, because my English is not very good. You never collaborated with other fansubs to other languages? anyway it's difficult to find people interested in subtitling old dramas. :( I like Nojima Shinji, It is the sixth drama I'm watching him. Congratulations on your page, and thanks for your work!

Hi! there are sources for downloading this drama? I've been trying for days, and nothing progresses. Help me, please! Thank you!

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