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UPDATES: 5/25/2019

*Ningen Shikkaku 9: Quality Check
*Papa wa newscaster 8: Translating Next
*Rikon Bengoshi 8: On Hold





Takako Mamiya is a lawyer who quits her job at a prestigious law firm, and establishes her own office. She confidently sets out to build her business, but soon her former firm is putting up obstacles and interfering, causing Takako's employees and clients to drift away. She finally puts together a new staff consisting of a college student who knows little about the law, a girl who applied for the job in hopes of meeting a rich guy, a hard-nosed lawyer, and a paralegal who hasn't passed the bar exam yet.
Takako reluctantly handles divorce cases with her incompetent crew. For an elite lawyer like her, divorce cases are the most boring and unrewarding cases that exist. Through clashing with her employees and clients, Takako soon becomes a very mature and tough lawyer.
"Divorce Lawyer" also tells the story of how difficult it is to judge love and relationships in legal terms. Fuji TV



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Batch Episodes 1-5

Episode 6
Episode 7 


Raw Provider: Kuroyuki
Translator: suany
Timer: Kuroyuki
Editor: Isabelh2o2
Typesetter: Naiya
QC: suany
Karaoke: Naiya
Encoder: Kuroyuki
Uploader: suany
Special Thanks: Murai82


I can't download the torrents at all, would you be kind to give mirror links? I'm really desperate since yours are the only one who upload this drama

Good work with subbing the episodes as well! Otsukare~!

Hello! First of all, thank you so much for subbing this drama! I just got myself into Amami Yuki's fandom and I'm so glad that Rikon Bengoshi is still alive (or rather being resurrected?) after almost 11 years. I will be waiting patiently for the next episodes. Please keep up the good work! 8D

Hi, thank you for subbing the drama! I love Amami Yuki so much, and she is great in this one too. I'm waiting for your upcoming episodes. Thank you agaiN!

I've been searching all over for this show thank you. Is there a chance there is still a seed out there?
Thank you for your hard work.

Hello today I have just watched Rikon Bengoshi until number 6
thank you for your hard work. It is very good!

Hai, please reseed : [AmeNoUta] Rikon Bengoshi Batch 1-5


Thank you.

hi, so pleased to find someone taking the time to sub Rikon Bengoshi - hope you manage to complete the project but in the meantime could I trouble you to reseed the first batch? THANKS!!!

I have always been a fan of Amami Yuki. I have searched everywhere and I finally found your site. However, there is no more seed for the first batch. I know it is might be a bit of a hassle and you must have been very busy too. Would you mind reseeding Batch 1-5? I appreciate all of the efforts so far.
Thank you so much!!1

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