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UPDATES: 5/25/2019

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TOP CASTER - トップキャスター



Haruka Tsubaki hops on a plane from New York to Tokyo. She will be filling in the newscaster position on a news program that will begin airing on CNB Television. Haruka used to work as an anchor and was called "the legendary anchor" until she was involved in an incident that forced her to lose her position there. She flew to America alone to pursue her career as a journalist. It is Katsutoshi Shibata, the Senior Executive Director of the News Department that brushed aside strong oppositions and invited Haruna back. He tells her, "Do whatever you like. I'll take the responsibility."
At the headquarters of CNB, producer Shokichi Ichiba, director Kensuke Kanihara, announcer Mei Nohara, and the other crew are standing by for a meeting with Haruka. With great fear, they await the arrival of the legendary anchor. But when the door opens, only Katsutoshi is standing. He says Haruka headed to check out the news studio as soon as she arrived at CNB. The crew try to extend their greetings to her, but she pays no attention. Instead, she dismisses the programming strategy she was given, and insists, "Go for scoops."
What's more surprising is that Haruka appoints Nozomi Asuka — who was scheduled to deliver weather forecasts — as her assistant. She tells Asuka that it's the assistant's job to work alongside her for 24 hours and wake her up every morning. "Why do I have to spend my private time with her...?" Full of doubts, Nozomi heads to Haruka's apartment with her luggage. What awaits her? --Fuji TV



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Raw Provider: Kuroyuki, Sesame
Translator: suany
Timer: Kuroyuki, Isabelh202, suany, Murai82
Editor: Isabelh2o2
Typesetter: HannaH, suany
QC: suany
Karaoke: Eri-chan
Encoder: Kuroyuki, suany
Uploader: suany
Special Thanks: Murai82


Thank you so much for subbing Top Caster. Im dying to watch this but no one's seeding the torrent. Is there a way for us to download the soft subs, i have a raw version of the show.

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