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UPDATES: 5/25/2019

*Ningen Shikkaku 9: Quality Check
*Papa wa newscaster 8: Translating Next
*Rikon Bengoshi 8: On Hold



**This project was started by Love Song and taken by AmeNoUta in order to finish it**


Three tales raise unsettling questions about the central qualities of being human. In one, a father is torn between love for his son and the desire for revenge, while a second examines the twisted love of a teacher for his female colleague. The third story delves into the complex affections hidden within a bully. --TBS



English subbed version links:

Batch 1-6 
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09

For direct download links, please visit:


Raw Provider: Anonymous
Translator: suany
Timer: Anonymous
Editor: Isabelh2o2
Typesetter: Pi, suany
QC: suany
Karaoke: Pi
Encoder: suany
Uploader: suany


Thank you very much for continuing this project!

Are you working on the rest of the project (episodes 7-12) , will it be ready soon? Thanks for your efforts.


@fatih: I will work on the remaining episode eventually. I have other projects to work on as well.

Thank you for subbing this dorama. I have wanted to watched it since years ago. Can't wait for episode 7.

Thank you I've been wanting to see this show since 2005! Thank you for taking the project to sub this show. =)

thanks i really want to see this dorama

Could you please upload the RAWs???


@Brendan: Unfortunately I don't have the remaining RAWS. I only get one at a time when I'm translating them to save up space in my computer. Sorry about that.

Ah ok. I can't seem to find 7+ anywhere.

From where do you get yours?


@Brendan: I get them from clubbox.

Thanks for introducing Clubbox. That place is awesome!

torrent link is dead :(


@Anonymous: I will update it as soon as I get a new episode out. Unfortunately I don't have the torrent anymore :/

I don´t know if you need them but i find the raws

Please upload rest 7-12 episodes of Ningen Shikkaku: Tatoeba bokuga shindara as soon as possible with english subs. Pleaseeeeee. It has been a long time since you have uploaded the epsiodes 6. Pleassssssss

Hello! This is one of my favourite old dorama, and I want to thank you for continuing this project.

Thank you for the Eng-sub version. I would be waiting for your later releases

I´m so happy you decided to continue the proyect, i was willing to watch this drama since long ago(i really want to know why they choose THAT name for the drama) i'm really thankfull. ganbatte ne ;D

sorry for my english

Genuinely ecstatic that I've found this. It's only been a decade since I started looking :')

thankyou! thankyou very much!
i'm waiting for the rest XD ganbatte kudasai! :D

Thank you for continuing subbing this series!

Hello, I'm sincerely waiting for the subbed video of Ningen Shikkaku! I think I visited this blogs and also Momo lj but I think I can't download there or something I forgot. But anyway, I really really hope you could upload the translated video soon. I had seen all the completed videos somewhere (again I forgot the web, but is is something like motion videos, and with poor quality video. I knew the end already, but really want to know exactly what they said cause I only understand about half of it and guessed through it all.

Anyway, thanks!! I'm really glad you are still willing to sub this vid! Ganbarre! :))

Thank you! Watched this years ago and it depressed me greatly with how the storyline is written. Glad to see you picking up this project! :D

I'm really excited for the next episodes
thank you very very much
great drama

Please have the rest episode 9-12 subbed, I really want to see them and I'll wait..
thank you

I hope you do not abandon this project. Thank you very much for your wonderful work. You don't have any idea how we expect this interesting drama.
Thank you very much aganin

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