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Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Hello guys! Due to my school work I haven't been able to update anything at all, sorry for that >.<
I was actually hoping to release something before writing a post, but because I know a lot of you want to know what's going on, well I decided to post something.
Hopefully in this month you guys will be getting Hakusen Nagashi SP4 and SP5 :)
I'll try to work on ao no jidai as well, but no promises -.-

On the other hand... Japan, I support you with all my heart and hope you can recover all your lost! Love you with all my heart <3


Thanks for update, good luck with your studies:)

Thank you for the update. I'm looking forward to two last parts of the Hakusen Nagashi SPs.

Thank you for your update :) I'm happy to see your post after 1 more month :)

Good luck in the translation of the third part of Hakusen Nagashi SP!!!

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