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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ningen Shikkaku 7... :D

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Hey guys!
So yeah yeah... it took some time for this episode to be out -.-"
However, the important thing now is that you enjoy it! Yay!

I won't be able to update the website too often in the next few months since I'm out of the country, but I'm surely gonna get back to you guys on my free time :)

Enjoy this episode, please comment and subscribe!
Download it HERE!


Thank you! :')

i'm taking this. thank you so much

Waiting for this! Thanks! :D

thank you

thank you

Thanks a million for your effort and not giving up this intense dorama!! :*

thank you

thank you <3

Thanks! More, please?

This drama is really dark but when we began it, it is necessary to finish it. What is going to make the father of Makoto? What tries to make Nimi sensei? How is going to evolve the character of Ruka? It is frustrating. Thank you very much for the translation.

Wow, nice thank you!! Can't wait the rest!

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