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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ningen Shikkaku 8!

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Finally, Ningen shikkaku 8 for all of you!!
If you want to download the torrent, please click HERE!
I'm finally going to continue with papa wa newscasters for those who are fans of the series. Sorry for the huge delay in releases, but I had to graduate @.@
Anyway, hope to bring more releases soon!
You can of course keep visiting the page for updates, subscribe to my fb or twitter or just through e-mail.
Don't forget to leave messages and feedback! It's really important for me :D
Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Thank you so much for holding on to this project, and for releasing another episode! You are a hero! ^^

Finally! YES! YESSSSSS!!
Ohhh thank you so much!! This is precious. I have already done watching it even though I didn't understand all the conversation.
But now I can understand at least episode 8!!
I already download the torrent. Hopefully it works later on in my PC (this is through mobile phone).

Are you graduating?? Or graduated recently? Congratulations then!! ^ ^/

If it doesn't work, I'll be informing you here. If not, it probably works. So you didn't need to worry!! :))
Thanks again!! :)

Oh my god. Been waiting for this. Thanks a lot, and congrats for graduating! Keep up with the translations and the Long Distance comic!


Did you graduate? :)

thanks a lot !!!! omg only 4 more and it is going to be finisgh

Taking, thank you very much!! :DD
I'll be uploading it to MEGA for people who can't download from Torrent :)

Wowowowowow!!! Thank you for this awesome show! Congratulations on graduating more important than anything else! =)

Thanks for the newest episode!! Also thanks for continuing with Papa wa Newscaster. Congrats on your graduation. :)

Thank you for sticking with this project! Your hard work IS appreciated! <3

So happy you held on and continued. It means a lot to many people. THANK YOU!

Thank you very much <3

I just fine this subinb and omg. Thankyou so much for your hard work subbing this for us ^^ I looking for this drama for years, and I finally found. Please don't stop <3
tthankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!

I'm downloading episode 7 and 8 please, be seed ^^ :D

Thank you so much for not giving up this project. I'm not sure if you're reading this comment or not, but could you please re-upload this episode? For some reasons I can't access the link ( TT___TT ) I watched the raw version of this ep before, but I don't speak Japanese so I hardly understand what the characters were saying. So it would be awesome if you could help me!! Thank you so much in advance!!!!

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