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Friday, November 20, 2009

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Hello guys~~
Yeah, I know... finally... finally KIMI MIRAI EPISODE 6~~~!!!!
Don't forget to leave your comments, and check the rest of my site!.
I'll be working on Hakusen Nagashi SP1, and after I finish with it I'll continue with Kimi mirai, ep.7. Hopefully it sounds like a plan to you guys.

Kimi to ita mirai no tameni episode 6:

Enjoy it!!~


Thanks a lot for the 6th episode! ^-^ I really like this series and am glad, that there's such a kind person like you to sub this.
Also nice to hear, that you'll be subbuing the hakusen nagashi sp. Another series I watched long ago. XD I also started to translate the first special, but my japanese isn't that good until now, so I kinda gave up. u_u' Btw. will you release softsubs fr the special?

Wow, great news ^^. If you need the timing for those sp I have them :P

I loved the series and I'll be waiting to see how it ends ^^

Awesome! I love this drama, and I'm really looking forward to each new episode with subs! Please upload the 6th episode for direct download soon! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your work. ^^

Thanx for ep 6 of Kimi to irai no tame ni. Love this drama.

Can u upload just ep 6 in MF since I'm now in university so I can't download from MU. I really can't watch the remaining episodes...


thank you sooo much for the hard work


Many thankies for picking up the Hakusen Nagashi SP :D
Very kind of you to offer subbing the drama too, the version i saw from Daddicts had some missing lines and while I'd LOVE to rewatch it full, I still voted for the SPs only (at least for now) so you'd still have time for other things.
Thanks again ^^

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